Mr Manie Bosch nominated as MBA North Honorary Life Member 2023

Mr. Manie Bosch has continued to support the values and Mission of Master Builders Association displayed in his consistent advocacy and support of the Association’s activities.

Mr Bosch was elected to serve on the Building Industries Association Board in 1980. Between the years of 1983 to 1990, Mr. Bosch Chaired the Safety Committee; he was a Member of the Finance Committee, and the Negotiation Committee, and served as a Main representative on the SADF for the Construction Industry.

From 1990 to 1991, Mr. Bosch served as an Office Bearer and became the President of the Association in 1992. As a Past President, Mr. Bosch still serves on the MBA North Executive Committee and is a current Member of the Construction Health and Safety Committee as well as the Sub-Contractor Committee. The latest initiative that he worked on through the University of Pretoria, is that of bridging the gap between the youth and their entry into industry.

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