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Complaints Procedures

The Master Builders Association North (MBA North) sets high standards that builders must meet in order to become Members. We therefore take any complaint against a Member by a client very seriously. In the vast majority of cases it can be dealt with by our Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution Procedure.

  • Should a Member of the MBA North contravenes the Code of Conduct a complaint can be instigated. The Association will act against a Member found breaching its code of conduct and request the Member to take remedial action.
  • In the event of a complaint the customer (Complainant) should first inform the Member concerned in writing and allow sufficient time for a response. If the Complainant does not receive an adequate response they should formally register a complaint using the form provided.
  • On receipt of this Complaints Form the MBA North will send a copy to the Member and request written comments within 10 working days. If the builder does not respond, we will send them a reminder and ask them to respond within another 7 working days.
  • Should we receive no response we will take action against the Member as permitted by the Constitution of our Association.
  • When we receive the Members response, we will forward this to you and will assist in trying to sort out the complaint. If and where possible and where the defects are not disputed, mediation without direct intervention may resolve the dispute.
  • Both parties will need to consent to such Mediation given that minimal costs are involved.
  • The Complainant may be required to permit an on-site inspection by an independent inspector, at the Complainant’s cost, and to allow reasonable access at mutually agreed times. An independent inspector will then compile a report which will be available to both parties on request.
  • If the complaint is found to be valid the MBA North has the power to remove that person from their membership or fine them depending on the severity of the infringement.
  • In the unlikely event of a Member refusing remedial action after a complaint is upheld then that person could have their membership suspended or terminated.
  • Please note that if a membership is terminated then they are no longer under the jurisdiction of the MBA North and it may be necessary for the complainant to pursue normal legal remedies.
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