MBA North 2024 Newsletter

MBA North underwent major changes in 2024 with key appointments, including new leadership roles. We also celebrated our 120th Annual General Meeting, marking 120 years of dedicated service to the building industry. As we reflect on our journey, we remain committed to serving our members and the building industry with dedication and excellence for years to come.

2024 has been a year of significant transformation for MBA North,marked by several notable appointments. The year ushered in a fresh era of leadership with the appointment of a new President and Vice President. Alongside this, three pivotal roles have been filled with Amisha Chunderduth stepping into the role of Marketing and Business Development Manager, Sello Tumahole taking on the responsibilities of CHS Officer, and Natalie Letsekga assuming the position of CHS Administrator. We extend our warmest wishes to them as they embark on their new roles and we are optimistic about their future successes!

Amidst these changes, MBA North achieved a remarkable milestone by concluding its 120th Annual General Meeting and commemorating 120 years of steadfast existence. The meeting took place on February 1, 2024 where Executive Director Mohau Mphomela shared sentiments that resonated with many attendees. He noted a slowdown in new member recruitment, juxtaposed with the unfortunate trend of established contractors facing liquidation, resulting in the loss of hard-earned legacies. Despite these challenges, he applauded the exceptional performance of the Association’s CHS department, urging members to leverage its services for external audits, ensuring an impartial evaluation of their sites.
The AGM marked a significant milestone of 120 years for MBA North and witnessed the induction of a new President and Vice President, succeeding outgoing President Mr Sello Mokawane. Mr Mokawane highlighted ongoing industry challenges such as project scarcity, disruptions by business forums, and payment guarantee issues, pledging to continue advocating for these pressing concerns in his capacity as an Office Bearer.
Mr Pieter Rüde received recognition as an Honorary Life Member for his 25 years of dedicated service to the Association, characterized by his influential contributions and unwavering commitment. As Mr Mphomela expressed gratitude for Mr Rüde’s invaluable support, he emphasised MBA Norths commitment to championing industry well-being and fostering collaborative relationships in 2024, with a focus on eliminating obstacles which hinder members’ progress in building South Africa’s future.
Liana Van Der Walt – President of MBA North
Gavin Morrow – Vice President of MBA North
Amisha Chunderduth – Marketing and Business Development Manager
Sello Tumahole – CHS Officer
Natalie Letsekga – CHS Administrator
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