Apply to join the MBA North

Apply to join the MBA North

Membership of the Master Builders Association North is about providing support and value added services to members operating in the Building Industry in the Northern Provinces.

Membership of the MBA North is an asset to an organisation as it provides a point of reference through the membership, and also entitles the company to membership benefits and services. Please download our brochure for additional information.

A number of basic requirements must be in place before a company will be considered for membership of the association.

The company must:

Why should you join a voluntary building Association?

The question of whether or not to join a voluntary association is an important one for any builder. There are several associations to choose from, and the right choice is crucial. However, how is the right choice made?

Furthermore, by joining a long-standing and reputable association, the benefit of having their name behind yours is gained. However, it is also important to consider the services offered as a member. Is the membership fee justified?

Moreover, as a building contractor, the focus is on getting the job done. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to keep up with new legislation and regulations. Ensuring that Health and Safety practices are top-notch and in compliance with legal requirements, as well as taking all necessary steps to maintain a financially secure business, are essential.

Consequently, having access to relevant and comprehensive training, along with supplementary services and readily available advice, is considered vital.

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