Your BBBEE Certificate Submission Is Required Before 30 March 2019

BBBEEThe Construction Sector Charter Council (CSCC) sent out a reminder on 15 February that you are required to submit your latest (2019 and 2018) BBBEE certificates, scorecard and report – issued by an accredited Verification Agency that has authority to do so – to the CSCC.

The CSCC emphasised that reporting is compulsory for all construction companies in the following categories:

Exempted Micro Enterprises (EMEs):

  • BEPs (Annual Turnover of R1.8 million and above)
  • Contractors/ Manufacturers (Annual Turnover of R 3 million and above)

Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs):

  • BEPs (Annual Turnover of R 6 million – R 25 million)
  • Contractors (Annual Turnover R 10 million – R50 million)

Large Enterprises

  • BEPs (Annual turnover of R25 million and above)
  • Contractors/Manufacturers (Annual turnover of R 50 million and above).

The above information, which must be valid and accurate in respect of each element of the scorecard, MUST to be forwarded to the CSCC on or before 15 March 2019. Contact details as follows:


The Oval Office Park, Buffalo Block, Ground floor
Cnr. Meadowbrook & Sloane Streets

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