MBA North have put together team of expert Skills Development Facilitators to assist with the submission of your WSP/ATR reports for the year 2022 and save you both time and money.

Our team will ensure that your WSP/ATR is properly crafted, and all supporting documents are submitted and meet the CETA criteria for approval. We will also manage communication and follow-up with the CETA to ensure that queries are resolved, and grants paid on time


An approved WSP/ATR opens doors to many benefits:

  • B-BBEE points can only be recognised if a WSP/ATR has been submitted.
  • Refund of 20% of skills development levies paid to SARS is based upon the submission and approval of a WSP/ATR.
  • Access to Discretionary Grants that can be used for employee training is also based on the successful submission of a WSP/ATR.
  • A WSP/ATR can be used to determine employee learning needs and strategise on ways to respond to those needs.


  • Small Companies (1-49 employees)
    Price range R5 000 to R8 000
  • Medium Companies (50-149 employees)
    Price range R 8 500 to 12 000.
  • Large Companies (150 employees and above)
    Please contact us for a quote