Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) training

    The HIRA course provides one with knowledge and skills to deal with hazard identification adn risk assement within the workplace.

    Risk assessments

    Risks assessments are required to comply with Construction Regulations and identify all risks and hazards associated with the employer’s scope of work
    which will allow the employer to either eliminate or reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring. Our team is able to provide support for developing
    practical project and task specific risk assessments.

    Incident investigation:

    An incident that results in an employee injury, property damage, a fire, or spill warrants an investigation. The CHS team provide capable support to identity root causes,practical correctiveactions and complywith legislated reporting requirements.

    Dates: TBA

    Cost: Member – R1 235.00 | Non Member R1 300.00