Training on the Move (ToM)


According to Construction Regulations 7(6)(7):  

(6) “A contractor must ensure that all visitors to a construction site undergo health and safety induction pertaining to the hazards prevalent on the site and must ensure that such visitors have the necessary personal protective equipment” and (7) “must at all times keep on his or her construction site records of the health and safety induction training contemplated in sub-regulation (6) and such records must be made available on request to an inspector, the client, the clients agent or the principal contractor”

Training on the Move (TOM) provides COMPLIMENTARY OHS Induction training to MBA North members and FEM policy holders on any premises or site within Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North-West and Limpopo Provinces. Below is the full list of topics covered during the induction training, you will pick the ones that are relevant to your site.

Health & Safety AdministrationSite Administrators 7 min
LaddersWorkers on site 5 min
Public Safety, & EmergencyWorkers on site 5 min
PPEWorkers on site 7 min
HousekeepingWorkers on site 5 min
Fall protectionWorkers on site 7 min
Electrical safeguardingWorkers on site 8 min
Education, Training & PromotionWorkers on site 5 min
ScaffoldSpecialized Contractor 15 min
Form & Support workSpecialized Contractor 8 min
Fire Prevention& safeguardingWorkers on site 6 min
DemolitionSpecialized Contractor 6 min
ExcavationsWorkers on site 6 min
Lifting TackleWorkers on site 5 min
Site PlantWorkers on site 15 min
Plant & Storage YardsWorkers on site 15 min
FormworkSpecialized Contractor 8 min
ToolsWorkers on site 5 min
Workplace, environment, Health & SafetyWorkers on site 10 min
Incident Investigation GuidelinesWorkers on site 3 min
COVID 19 – NewWorkers on site 10 min
Practical Hygiene – Hand washing – NewWorkers on site 5 min


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