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The MBA North Membership is about providing support and value added services to members operating in the Building Industry in the Northern Provinces.

Membership of the MBA North holds significant value for an organization due to various reasons. Firstly, it serves as a valuable point of reference, facilitating connections and networking opportunities through its membership base.
Additionally, being a member entitles the company to a range of exclusive benefits and services. For further details, we kindly invite you to download our informative brochure.
Prior to being eligible for association membership, certain fundamental criteria must be fulfilled by the company.

The company must:

Why should you join a voluntary building Association?

Builders often face the important decision of whether to join a voluntary association. With several associations to choose from, selecting the right one is crucial. However, determining the best choice can be challenging.

Joining a well-established and respected association not only lends credibility to your name but also provides valuable services to its members. Is the membership fee worth the benefits?

As a building contractor, your primary focus is on completing the job. However, staying up to date with new laws and regulations is also necessary. It is important to maintain high standards of health and safety that comply with legal requirements and ensure the financial stability of your business.

This highlights the significance of having access to relevant and comprehensive training, along with convenient supplementary services and advice at your disposal.

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