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Future Leaders Transformed By Fem

In 2016, The Federated Employers’ Mutual Assurance Company (RF) (PTY) LTD (FEM) established the FEM Education Foundation and allocated R750 million to the foundation with the aim to have a positive impact on education and leadership opportunities available to talented scholars in South Africa.

The first initiative was to partner with Make A Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD Leadership Foundation) through the FEM Scholarship Programme, where 28 scholars were awarded scholarships providing comprehensive financial and personal support to assist them throughout high school and their first tertiary degree. This initial sponsorship amounted to an estimated R41 million. In 2017, FEM announced a further commitment to fund 40 additional scholarships in 2018 through MAD Leadership Foundation.

The Leaders Of Tomorrow Need Our Leadership Today

MAD Leadership Foundation was founded in 2003 by Francois Pienaar, and aims to provide access to quality education and leadership development opportunities by supporting high school learners and tertiary students comprehensively. MAD Leadership Foundation’s scholarship is awarded throughout the scholars’ academic and personal journeys, and ensures that they have the necessary tools and opportunities to reach their full potential as future leaders of South Africa.

Investing In A Brighter Future For South Africa

On behalf of the FEM Education Foundation, MAD Leadership Foundation uses a strict selection process and criteria to identify talented scholars, who lack the financial resources to reach their full potential – with preference given to applicants with a parent employed by FEM policy holders and Grade 12 applicants with an interest in pursuing a career in the building industry. The chosen scholars are offered comprehensive and long-term support in the areas of: education, leadership, mentorship and life-skills development throughout their academic journey.

MAD Leadership Foundation and FEM thank the policyholders for approving the establishment of this FEM Education Foundation – thank you for responding to the education crisis which has reached boiling point, both in the construction industry and within all levels of our education system.

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