Summary of Action Points for MBA North

In order to assist Sub-Contractors and ultimately the industry as they tackle the challenge of non-payments and delayed payments, a second meeting was held with Sub Contractors on 27 February. The action and discussion points from the meeting have been summarised for the benefit of members that were not in attendance. These points form part of the mandate from Sub-Contractors to MBA North. The future meeting dates are also listed and, MBA North invites all Sub- Contractors to participate in the upcoming meetings to ensure adequate representation as we find solutions. Contact: to participate.

  1. MBA North and MBSA to address treasury on 30-day payment hotline
  2. Awareness creation:
  3. Action plan for relationship with;
  4. Resuscitation of Subcontractors Committee: Constitutional and sundry framework
  5. Obtaining information from members on those main contractors that are not paying (and those who are paying well)
  6. Awareness campaign on dispute resolution processes
  7. Protection of Subcontractors retentions
  8. Lobbying of JBCC for inclusion of Suppliers and Domestic Subcontractors in JBCC Suite of Agreements;
  9. Reinstitution of MBA North Practice Committee
  10. Obtaining measurements from Professional Teams in construction projects

MBA North to facilitate information sessions on How to do business with government


The dates for the 2018 meetings were confirmed as follows:

20th of June 2018 at 07h00

22nd of August 2018 at 07h00

24 October 2018 at 07h00

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