Participate in a skills development pilot and make a difference


This pilot has been designed to minimise the risk of SME employment of workplace candidates

The IRM (installation, repairs and maintenance) pilot program has been designed to minimise your risk in providing an unemployed youth experience in the workplace and pilot a business model that has the potential to add value to your business. The time consuming and difficult part of identifying suitable candidates for your business will be taken care of: you will have access to a pool of candidates that has been prepared for the workplace in line with the attitudinal requirements of employers.

Providing workplace experience isn’t just about an act of kindness, it is a business decision  

  • This joint collaboration with the National Business Initiative (NBI) and Harambee is designed to pilot workplace experience for technical unemployed youth that have completed engineering theory (NCV/N3/N6) and / or are matriculants from Technical High Schools
  • Harambee screens all candidates for construction industry suitability using a tried and tested screening approach that has been part of their engine room in placing thousands of candidates in the workplace
  •  Harambee prepares candidates for the world of work including and not limited to expectations of working hard, keeping time, showing enthusiasm for learning and knowing the basic tools used in construction industry related jobs
  • You will have access to building your mentoring skills which is a gift for life

What do you need to consider?

  • What potential do you have to employ a candidate(s) after they have worked for you for 12 months at no cost? Please be assured, one candidate is perfectly in order, each person counts.
  •  How will you structure your interviewing of candidates to ensure a good fit in your organisation? v/ How will you structure the experience to maximise the value of a candidate in your team and facilitate the candidate’s work experience so they are employable by your business?
  • How will you manage an “employee” not paid by you and yet expected to abide by your company policies and procedures, including disciplinary procedures?
  •  Who will mentor the candidate(s) towards effect and efficient contribution to your business?

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