Notice is hereby given to all Members that the One Hundred and Fifteenth (115th) Annual General Meeting of the Master Builders Association North, will be held on Thursday 07 February 2019 from 16H00, at Bytes Conference Centre, Bytes Business Park, Block C, 241 Third Raad, Halfway Gardens, Midrand, to conduct the following business (directions):

  • To confirm the Minutes of the Previous Annual General Meeting.
  • To approve ordinary resolutions as set out below.
  • To transact such other business as may be transacted at an Annual General Meeting.

Ordinary Resolution 1: Amendments to the Constitution
Resolution: THAT the current Constitution dated 01 February 2018 be replaced with amended version as accepted by the Executive Committee.
Download MBA North 2019 Constitution (PDF)
MBA NORTH Amendments to the Constitution (PDF)

Ordinary Resolution 2: Adoption of Annual Financial Statements
Resolution: THATthe Annual Financial Statements for the year ending 31 October 2018, be adopted, together with the auditors’ report.
Download MBA NORTH Financial Statements
Year Ending 31 October 18 (PDF)


Ordinary Resolution 3: Re-appointment of independent Externat Auditors
Resolution: THAT L Reyneke & Associates lncorporated be re-appointed as external auditors for MBA North.

Ordinary Resolution 4: Re-election of Office Bearers
Resolution: To re-nominate the Office Bearers of the Association in accordance with the provisions of the Association’s Constitution.

Ordinary Resolution 5: Nomination and Election of Executive Committee
Resolution: To elect new members and re-nominate existing members to serve on the Executive Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Association’s Constitution. Download MBA North EXCO Nomination Form (PDF)


Kind Regards,

Mr M. Mphomela
Executive Director

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