Apply to join the MBA North

Membership of the Master Builders Association North is about providing support and value added services to members operating in the Building Industry in the Northern Provinces.

Membership of the MBA North is an asset to an organisation as it provides a point of reference through the membership, and also entitles the company to membership benefits and services. Please download our brochure for additional information.

A number of basic requirements must be in place before a company will be considered for membership of the association.

The company must:

Should you comply with the above requirements and wish to apply for membership of the association, please click here and complete the online application process. You will be required to upload proof and supporting documentation.

Why should you join a voluntary building Association?

For any builder the question of whether or not to join a voluntary association is an important one. There are a number of them and choosing the right one is essential. But how do you make the right choice?

While joining a long-standing, reputable association does give you the benefit of their name behind yours, it’s also about the services you are offered as a member. Is your membership worth the fee?

As a building contractor, you want to get on with the job. But you also have to keep up with new legislation and regulations. You need to ensure your Health and Safety practices are top-notch and within the legal requirements, and you need to ensure you do everything that is required to maintain a financially secure business.

This means that relevant and comprehensive training; supplementary services and advice at your fingertips are essential.

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