MBSA Congress 2019 Delivers In Tough Times

“Given the current climate in which the construction sector is operating, with recent closures of numerous construction companies, unprecedented job-losses and non-payment of contractors, Congress 2019 unfolded extremely well,” said Mohau Mphomela, Executive Director of  MBA North. “To be able to still run a successful Congress in these tough economic conditions is certainly a notable achievement for the industry.”

Mphomela however expressed concern that the urgent need to implement the resolutions that resulted from robust debate with law enforcement, CIDB government and the industry regarding  illegal invasions of construction sites and the ongoing challenge of non-payment of contractors detracted from other important issues in need of attention such as training and skills development, construction health and safety, investment, growth and preparation for the 4th industrial revolution.

The panel discussions at Congress were all very pertinent to the current operating climate and panellists engaged passionately and openly, yielding significant direction to development of the Resolutions to determine the way forward.

He also expressed disappointment that the client (property owner or developer) is not taking more responsibility in the management of their construction sites, and should be working more closely with contractors and industry bodies in addressing the myriad serious problems plaguing the sector – when instead this responsibility is being delegated [or not] whilst they invest and operate in foreign countries.

On the MBSA National Safety Awards, Mphomela congratulated all participants and winners, especially those from the MBA North fold.

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