MBA North Annual Dinner Sponsored by Dergigum

On entry, MBA North members and major industry players were greeted with some of the best sounds the saxophone can offer.

The event represented the finale of MBA North events in the Gauteng region and the support of the industry was evident in the numbers present.  MBA North President Jason Wilmot, highlighted the challenges the industry faces in the form of uncertainty in the market, commodity prices falling and GDP growth in Africa taking a strain.

The industry is still dealing with the after-math of Collusion and the Association has approached the Competition Commissioner to find speedy and achievable solutions for outstanding cases in response.

In 2018 the Association looks forward to the establishment of a trust in partnership with SAFSEC, and BBCBE for the Construction Health & Safety IT system, an industry project. The trust will be established at the end of 2017 in time for a pilot project planned for February 2018.

MBA North Executive Director, Mohau Mphomela thanked members and the industry for their support of the Association and the event. ‘Congratulations to our long-standing members and award recipients for their loyalty: Giuricich Bros (70 years), From Scaff (50 years) Pro Build Construction  (25 years), Gauteng Piling (21 years), GD Irons Construction (35 years) and Steel studio International (10 years).

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