Washirika 3 Oaks

Zuid Afrikaaans Hospitaal

Zuid Afrikaaans Hospitaal is regarded as a world-class healthcare facility in South Africa, with a reputation that extends globally. Once awarded the project, the team at Washirika 3 Oaks was well aware that a world-class product would need to be produced. Consequently, it was no surprise when the project turned out to be a tremendous success, prompting the request for the team to remain and complete Phase 2. In the first phase, a new day ward facility was constructed, the paediatric area was upgraded, two theatres and a recovery area were improved, a new access staircase was built, and a plant facility was established. All of this was accomplished while working within a live environment—an aspect of the project that W3O takes great pride in, as it necessitates an extra level of commitment from the team to deliver such an undertaking.

With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering professionalism, the team at W3O seamlessly integrated the new structures and enhancements with the existing hospital infrastructure. By doing so, they ensured that ongoing medical services were minimally disrupted. Through effective communication and coordination with hospital staff, the team fostered a harmonious environment where patient care remained the top priority.

CLIENTZuid Afrikaans Hospitaal
VALUER18 Million
COMPLETEDJanuary 2023

Upon the completion of Phase 1, a significant milestone was reached for Zuid Afrikaaans Hospitaal and its collaboration with W3O. The exceptional quality of the new day ward facility, for instance, provided patients with a comfortable and technologically advanced environment. Similarly, the upgraded paediatric area was transformed into a vibrant and child-friendly space, allowing for specialized care to be delivered to young patients. Furthermore, the addition of two modern theatres and a recovery area enhanced the hospital’s capacity to undertake complex medical procedures with precision and efficiency. The installation of a new access staircase improved accessibility for patients and staff, facilitating seamless movement throughout the hospital. Lastly, the establishment of the plant facility ensured the efficient operation and maintenance of critical systems, contributing to the hospital’s long-term sustainability.

As Phase 2 commences, the future of Zuid Afrikaaans Hospitaal appears even more promising than before. The ongoing collaboration with the team at W3O guarantees further advancements and enhancements to the hospital’s infrastructure and services. With their unwavering dedication and commitment, the team at W3O stands poised to deliver yet another triumph in the realm of healthcare construction. Zuid Afrikaaans Hospitaal will continue to flourish as a beacon of excellence, maintaining its reputation as a world-class healthcare facility for the betterment of the community it serves.

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