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At AvenirHoldings (Pty) Ltd, the company has made “Innovation Reinvented” more than just a tagline; it’s the essence of their multidisciplinary engineering services and project management expertise.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the built environment, spanning mining, petrochemical, construction (multidisciplinary infrastructure), energy & power generation, and rail & ports services, they are the architects of transformation.

With a relentless commitment to redefining the boundaries of possibility, they are the partners in progress. Their dynamic team’s collective expertise forms the cornerstone of groundbreaking solutions, propelling them towards a future where engineering knows no bounds. They build, they energize, they connect – AvenirHoldings is the driving force behind tomorrow’s world, where innovation is their legacy, and reinvention is their creed.

AvenirHoldings don’t just manage projects; they orchestrate their success. Whether it’s shaping the skylines of tomorrow, pioneering sustainable solutions, or engineering a brighter future, they’re the driving force behind the next era of innovation. 

When one chooses AvenirHoldings, they’re not just choosing innovation; they’re embracing the future. Connect with them on this extraordinary journey, where they’re reinventing the very essence of innovation itself, and the future begins here.

Kusile Power Station

Construction of a Flood Damaged Bridge and Associated Infrastructure on Road D2968 between Numbi and Makoko

Kusile Power Station

AvenirHoldings (Pty) Ltd through its expertise in construction project management made a remarkable contribution to the construction of Kusile Power Station Units 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. This monumental endeavour demanded the finest in project management excellence, and our multidisciplinary team of professionals successfully delivered this CapEx project, valued at R118 billion.

Our role in the project encompassed the construction management of a diverse array of packages, including Boilers, Turbines, Generators, Air-Cooled Condensers (ACC), Flue-Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Systems, Tailings Storage Facilities, Offices, Ancillary Buildings, External Infrastructure (Sewer and Water), Conveyors and associated Infrastructure, Pollution Control Dams, Substations (Transformers, MCCs, Switchgears and Transmission Lines), and the Balance of Plant and Civil Works.

Our project management approach under NEC3 PSC emphasized efficiency and transparency, ensuring adherence to timelines and quality standards. The project’s success hinged on meticulous planning, robust progress monitoring, effective risk management, and cost control.

  • Key Achievements:
  • Timely delivery of all project components.
  • Cost containment and risk management.
  • Exemplary safety and environmental compliance.
  • Effective communication with clients and stakeholders.
  • Robust risk management strategy for issue resolution
Kusile Power Station
A crucial aspect of the project was the implementation of a comprehensive stormwater drainage system to prevent future flood damage and safeguard the bridge and road’s integrity. 

To enhance safety and prevent erosion, our team installed kerbing, gabions, and guardrails along the road. We also took responsibility for the installation of road signs and markings, ensuring clear guidance for road users and enhancing overall road safety.

AvenirHoldings’ dedicated professionals and engineers executed their roles with unwavering commitment, adhering to project timelines and the highest quality standards. Throughout the project, our responsibilities encompassed meticulous planning, execution, quality control, and environmental compliance. 

AvenirHoldings, drawing upon its wealth of expertise and experience in the construction and engineering sector, was proud to have played a pivotal role in constructing and restoring this vital infrastructure, ensuring the communities of Numbi and Makoko could once again enjoy safe and efficient access to this important roadway.

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