At one time or another, you may have found a need to consult with experts and to obtain advice in order to solve problems concerning your business.

You can avoid unnecessary costs/consulting fees if you are a member of the Master Builders Association, especially smaller contractors who are not in a position to engage expert employees or consultants to advise them on contractual, economic, labour, training and other matters as larger contractors may be able to do. Smaller contractors therefore, draw on the pool of expertise from the Association.

The Master Builders Association North assists and advises its members on the following matters

Pricing and Estimation Workshop

Enquire nowDates:

18 July 2019 and 15 August 2019


Legal Liability

Enquire nowDates:

18 July 2019


One Day Course

Small Builders Development Course

Enquire nowDates:

22 August 2019

8 sessions of contact time

Members - R6650|Non-members - R7650


MBA North, CMA Office & Conference Park,2nd Road – Halfway House, Midrand


Who should attend? This course is aimed at business owners and supervisors of emerging EME’s, SME’s large Companies within Construction & building Industry.  Individuals that have been in the employ of major contracting firms with a desire to start up their own, however with most of these persons have had little in the way of business training.

MBSA Home Builders Training

Enquire nowDates:

11 July, 22 Aug, 19 Sep, 7 Nov 2019


JBCC Training

Enquire nowDates:

15 Aug, 05 Sep, 17 Oct, 21 Nov 2019

Members - R1000|Non-members - R2000

The use of standard JBCC Principle Building Agreement and Subcontract Agreements makes contracting easier and protects both the subcontractor and main contractor. MBA North has created practical training for parties to use and understand these agreements & protect their rights within the contract