Inspection Services

Established in 1986, INSPECT-A-HOME® is the only nationwide inspection company in South Africa.

Our goal is to provide a professional and unbiased inspection service to our clients based on facts and in accordance with the National Building Regulations, Codes of Practice and the NHBRC home building manuals which lists the relevant accepted construction quality standards which must be satisfied. We are not affiliated with any builders association, building contractors or estate agents and are, therefore, completely unbiased in our report and recommendations to you. Beyond the technical expertise and experience a professional INSPECT-A-HOME® inspector brings, we also have a national support infrastructure of engineers, architects, entomologists, geologists, quantity surveyors and other professionals that we can draw on if the need arises. It is important to remember that the inspector remains an impartial third party, providing an objective, unbiased reporting of the facts.

We inspect residential, commercial and industrial properties for individuals, companies or body corporates. Reports are confidential and issued only to the client.

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