Construction Heath & Safety (CHS) Awards Ceremony:

The Annual MBA North CHS Safety Competition culminated in an awards ceremony held at the Accolade Hotel in Midrand. The competition is funded by Federated  Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM).

The competition is conducted to encourage organisations to establish effective systems for managing occupational health and safety, as well as to instil the aspects of safety culture in the  daily duties of workers and  employers,”

As Winner of  the  Best  OHS Manager award, James Flint from WBHO  Construction, noted: “It  is always nice   to  be  recognised. There needs  to  be  more positive  reinforcement  in  the   industry.  This  year was  very  competitive. Only  two  or three of WBHO Construction’s projects  received  places  and all of them have a five-star grading. Safety in the  industry is definitely improving.”

Arcstone Property   maintenance  CEO,  Dave Raichlin,  said he hoped that  the  awards ceremony and   auditing process will  give the company the opportunity to grow and become a sub-contractor for larger companies participating in the competition. “Our  main   reason for  entering is  to  learn,”  said Raichlin.  “We only hear about the bad things that happen in the safety industry. Events like this promote the  positive aspects of health and  safety.”

Elsa   Jacobs,  director  at   ER  Signs and Safety, noted that more manufacturers should participate: “It is great that MBA North has given  manufacturers the opportunity to  be audited for  the   awards and that  it supports both small  and  big  businesses,” she said.  ER Signs  and  Safety won  the  first prize  in the Manufacturers category. Congratulatios to the category winners listed below.


Best-Performing OHS Manager James Flint, WBHO Construction
Best  OHS Officer Megan Johnson, Liviero Building
Best  OHS Representative Melusi Vilakazi – WBHO Construction
Best  Contracts Manager Clayton Oxley, Tiber/WBHO Joint Venture
Best  Client Agent Shone Dirker, Cairnmead Industrial Consultants
Best Sub-Contractor (without site establishment) Gauteng Piling
Category A: Plant  and  Storage Tiber Construction
Category B1: Allied Trades Peri Formwork Scaffolding Engineering, JHB
Category B2: Manufacturers ER Signs  and  Safety, Springs
Category C: <R10 m GVK-Siya Zama Construction, Wits Phase 2D
Category D: R10 m to <R25 GVK-Siya Zama Construction, Aloe Ridge  Hotel
Category E: R25 m to <R75 m NMC – Samrand Industrial Park
Category F: R75 m to <R150 m Aveng  Grinaker LTD  – Rosebank Fire Station
Category G: R150 m to <R300 m Liviero Building Javett: UP Art Centre
Category H: R300  m to <R500 m Group  Five, Werkmans H/O
Category I: >R500 m SSBR JV, Kusile Building


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