Construction Health and Safety (CHS)

The CHS department is manned by a team of specialists with industry specific experience.

We have representation on Department of Labour task teams, Industry and Professional councils. The team are able to provide practical value add support to address health and safety concerns which may occur in the workplace.

Why is health & safety awareness important for members?

  • Keep the built environment informed of the latest Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) legislation
  • Reduce the likelihood of injuries in the workplace.
  • Identify potential hazards and appropriate controls in the workplace.
  • Establish a commitment to safety


We compile site specific Health & Safety File sin accordance with CHS Act and client Safety Specifications

Site audits & 5 star grading

Employers have a legal duty and a moral obligation to ensure their workplaces are maintained in a safe state and without risk to health and safety. Health and safety audits are necessary to monitor operations against established legal compliance. The MBA North CHS team provide an independent view bench-marking against legal compliance and best practice.

Risk assessments

Risks assessments are required to comply with Construction Regulations and identify all risks and hazards associated with the employer’s scope of work which will allow the employer to either eliminate or reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring.  Our team is able to provide support for developing practical project and task specific risk assessments.

We compile site-specific Health & Safety Files in accordance with the CHS Act and Client Safety Specifications.

Incident investigation

An incident that results in an employee injury, property damage, a fire, or spill warrants an investigation. The CHS team provide capable support to identity root causes, practical corrective actions and comply with legislated reporting requirements.

Annual Regional Health and Safety Award Competition

The Annual Regional Safety Competition provides a platform for member companies to bench mark their CHS & management systems implementation against other companies in our region and nationally.

By participating in the competition the company verifies their compliance with relevant legislation and best practices within the MBA North region and nationally.

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CHS Training

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Representative training
  • First Aid Level 1


The department identifies industry challenges and hot topics. We source industry experts & create a platform for the industry to engage, debate and identify solutions for these challenges.

Key projects

Training on the Move (ToM)

Training on the Move is a mobile training service sponsored by Sponsored by Federated Employers Mutual (FEM) and The Building and Construction Industry Medical Aid fund (BCIMA) to help construction sites implement the Legal legislative requirement for employee site induction, according to Construction regulation 7 sub-regulation 6. We offer Site specific Induction or Training to create Awareness on Health & Safety training.

This is a Complimentary service to members , available to non – members for a fee of R480 per hour


Occupational Health & Safety Pricing 2018:

We remind all members by offering these services and charging for them, we are able to continue to provide the level of services you need. Please note that prices above are simply an indication and are subject to change.

Implementation Support
Member of MBA North 2018

Site visits

Compile Site Specific H&S Files

Traveling Cost

Additional Work as per Agreement between Parties

5 Star Grading Audit

Member Cost

R 500.00 p/hr.

R 1 600.00 per file

R 4.00 p/km

R 500.00 per hour

R 2 000.00 per / audit

Non-Member Cost

R700.00 per hour

R2000.00 per hour

R4.00 per/km

R700.00 per hour

R2000.00 per / audit

CHS Supporting Documents

Implementation SupportMember of MBA North 2018

MBSA Combo which consist of a H&S Manual CD and OHS Act


IWH – Working at Height Safety Guidelines

Member Cost

R 1 720.00 each

R 200.00 each

R 130.00 each

Non-Member Cost

R2780.00 each

R270.00 each

R150.00 each

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