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Support & Services

At one time or another, you may have found a need to consult with experts and to obtain advice in order to solve problems concerning your business. You can avoid unnecessary costs/consulting fees if you are a member of the Master Builders Association, especially smaller contractors who are not in a position to engage expert employees or consultants to advise them on contractual, economic, labour, training and other matters as larger contractors may be able to do. Smaller contractors therefore, draw on the pool of expertise from the Association.

The Master Builders Association North assists and advises its members on the following matters:

The Association promotes the interests of its members through the print media, radio, Internet and advertising opportunities in its Newsletter.

Industrial and Labour Relations Matters
Negotiations with Trade Unions
Advice on the requirements of industrial legislation
Basic Conditions of Employment Act
Skills Development Act
Employment Equity Act
Representation on the Voluntary Bargaining Forum
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act
Safety advisory service
Updates on safety legislation and a safety advisory service
Labour Relations Act
Unemployment Insurance Fund

Legal and Contractual Matters
Contractual disputes
Mediation and dispute resolution services and references to arbitration
A wide range of building contract documents

Seminars and workshops
Seminars and Workshops are held as the need arises on a number of issues such as:
Industrial/labour legislation
Occupational Health and Safety
Education and Training
Contractual and Legal and many other matters of significance to members which may become topical at any point in time.

Social Events
A Sports Day for members is held during each year as well as a Dinner Dance in October.

Education, Training & Transformation (ET & T)
The Building Industry is a labour intensive industry and demands particular skills in many trades to produce the quality of workmanship required by clients. Skills Development is considered to be of crucial importance to members of the Association and members are represented on education and training bodies, regionally and nationally.

Following the promulgation of the Skills Development and Employment Equity Acts, the Association employs a Skills Development Facilitator to assist members with all their Skills Development needs.

ET & T other services rendered are:

  • Telephonic Support on Education & Training matters
  • Telephonic support on BBBEE matters
  • BBBEE consultations at discounted rates to members
  • Assistance of BBBEE certification at discounted rates for members
  • Telephonic Support on the WSP/ATR process
  • Completion of annual WSP/ATR documentation at discounted rates to members
  • Facilitation of courses of interest to the industry
  • Employment Equity reporting assistance

Occupational Health and Safety
Members are visited on site, audits are conducted and companies are advised on where they can improve on safety. The Association provides access to a Building Industry Safety Star Grading system.

Because of legal, social and moral requirements for proper safety measures on building sites, the Association, in conjunction with Federated Employers Mutual (FEM), has employed two safety advisors

Members also have the opportunity to enter the Association’s annual regional Health and Safety Competition, with the regional winners entering the national competition.

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