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Feedback Report From A Study ‘Health And Safety (H&S) Documentation In Construction

The Executive Summary below was taken from a report ‘’Health And Safety (H&S) Documentation In Construction’’ from a study done by PROFESSOR JJ Smallwood (Department of Construction Management Nelson Mandela University) and Deon Bester (Master Builders Association Western Cape) on 09 April 2018. ‘’EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In addition to a range of H&S documentation, a range
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Driven Machinery Regulations & Pressure Equipment Seminar Feedback

The MBA recently hosted a seminar on the Guidance Notes to the Construction Regulations, Driven Machinery Regulations and Pressure Equipment Regulations. The keynote speaker was By Adv. Hendrik Terblanche, Managing Director of Legricon Legal Risk and Compliance Consultants, and supplementary presentations were done by the Department of Labour’s Mr Phumi Maphaha: Director Construction, Explosives and
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WSP / ATR Submissions deadline: 30 April 2018

The time for Skills development Reports submissions is here once again! It is imperative that these reports are submitted to the applicable (Sector Education and Training Authority) before 30 April 2018. The Skills Development Reports (WSP, ATR,) are mandatory reports required if a sector stakeholder seeks to score points on the B-BBEE Certificate for Skills.
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Profile – Riteside Projects

“Rite” Now, Not Tomorrow Or Later, Is The “Rite” Time To Join The Mba, And More So To Participate Fully In The Substantial Services And Opportunities The Mba North Offers. It Will Dynamically Benefit Your Business Diametrically Profile – Jerry Thulo – MBA North Member Gauteng Jerry Thulo of Riteside Projects is now an avid
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MBA North

One Voice in Health & Safety!

MBA North’s Regional Safety Competition For 2018 Is Underway . Entries are now officially open! MBA North Health & Safety Manager Gerhard Roets invites MBA North Members & FEM Policy Holders to participate in the Annual Health & Safety Competition.  The Competition audits are conducted free of charge for FEM Policy Holders and MBA North Members
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24 MARCH 2018 is WORLD TUBERCILOSIS DAY (TB)this Year’s Theme is ‘LEADERS FOR A TB-FREE WORLD’ WHAT IS TB? Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) that most often affect the lungs. Tuberculosis is curable and preventable. WHAT CAUSES TB? The weak body system is the main cause of tuberculosis. It might be the
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Workers’ Compensation Simplified.

What is Workers’ Compensation? Worker’s compensation, or what is commonly referred to as COIDA cover, is a compulsory assurance that is taken out, by a company, to cover their employees in the unlikely event that they are injured or contract an illness while performing their daily work duties. What is covered by this insurance? Worker’s
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Occupational Health & Safety Committees in the Workplace – Whom, When and Why

An employer shall in respect of each workplace when two or more health and safety representatives have been designated, establish one or more health and safety committees and, at every meeting of such a committee as contemplated in sub-section (4), consult with the committee with a view to; initiating developing promoting maintaining and reviewing measures
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Building Inspections and The NHBRC: Who Takes Responsibility

Unfortunate events started the 2018 year off in Johannesburg with various houses collapsing in Cosmo City, Protea Glen and Soweto.  This raised questions about the compliance with building standards, as well as quality control by contractors, with the Executive City Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba stating clearly that the culprits will be brought to book. We
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Title Deeds and Zoning

Construction on a site can be delayed or even stopped due to town planning related aspects. There are numerous of these aspects. The public is usually not aware of them, or sometimes, they deliberately ignore these aspects. One of the most common problems is restrictive conditions in title deeds. Before there was a Town Planning
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