Alternative Dispute Resolution

MBA North has identified a need to assist members and the industry with Commercial Contract disputes and partnered with Borcon PTY Ltd  led by Mr. Brad Boertje, a commercial specialist, adjudicator and arbitrator with 25 years’ experience in the Construction Industry. There is therefore no need to rush to litigation before you have a full understanding of the cost implication and whether or not you have a legally sound claim.

Complimentary Advice:

  • For Members only
  • Dealing with daily queries from members and their clients relating to complaints / queries and the like.
  • Providing a quick assessment and preliminary advice without cost
  • Use of phone and email communication mediums

Full Voluntary Mediation Service

  • Members and non- members R10,000.00
  • This is a conflict resolution offering
  • Any two parties can bring a dispute to MBA-North for quick resolution. Members or non-members.
  • The parties jointly appoint BorCon as mediator to resolve and pay fees 50/50.

Nomination of Mediators

  • Members: R2990
  • Non- members: R3200

Nomination of Adjudicators

  • Members: R2990
  • Non- members: R3200