The Pretoria Master Builders Association was founded in 1903 and the Johannesburg Master Builders Association was founded in 1894 and was formally constituted in 1904. These organisations merged in January 1996 to form the Gauteng Master Builders Association (GMBA). In 2012, the association underwent a name change and is now known as the Master Builders Association North – incorporating the following 4 regions: Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

The Association is located at Construction Park, No. 1, 2nd Road, Halfway House, Midrand and is an employers organisation serving the interests of its members in the building and allied trade industries, registered in the Building Industry with jurisdiction in Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces.

Vision and Mission


To deliver tangible value to members and facilitate the needs of our membership on issues of significance with relevant stakeholders.


We are a critical and relevant voluntary organisation and home for contractors that unites the voice of the building industry. We aim to retain a hundred percent of our membership annually in the Northern Province.

We do this by:


Strategic Pillars of Delivery in the MBA

  • Providing quality services that matter to our members
  • Facilitating best practice within our MBA and within the building industry
  • Building teams and network platforms that make a difference
  • Enabling exceptional quality through sustainable transformation

Code of ethics

The Association expects its members to maintain a high standard of conduct and efficiency and has accordingly drawn up the following code of ethics to which all members are required to adhere.

A member shall conduct their business in a just and honourable manner and shall, in their dealings with clients, with members of the professions, other contractors and subcontractors, suppliers and employees, maintain at all times the high standard of business integrity required by the Association.


A member is required to possess the necessary technical qualifications, knowledge and practical experience, or to employ, in a position of responsibility, a person or persons possessing such experience, to ensure that all building projects are carried out in a workmanlike and economical manner.


A member is expected to satisfy the building requirements of his clients and / or fellow members by complying with the spirit as well as the letter of his contractual obligations and to handle all business transactions with fairness and honour.


A member is expected to organise his business administration effectively, to maintain adequate financial resources for the proper discharge of all contractual obligations, to assist, wherever possible, in the training of the skilled manpower needs of the Building Industry and, where applicable, to conform to all wage regulating measures for the Building Industry, entered into between Association and Trade Unions.

A member is expected to try to persuade all qualified and suitable firms to join and strengthen the Association.

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MBA North Executive Committee Members

The general management of the Association is overseen by the Executive Committee (EXCO). Members of the EXCO are elected from the ranks of the general membership.

There are currently twenty elected members on the Committee and one co-opted member. The EXCO meets at least once a quarter and follows a structured Agenda which covers governance, membership, financial, commercial, administrative and strategic matters.

The EXCO also holds at least one workshop annually to focus on current and future strategy. The EXCO members represent a range of different enterprises and have a fiduciary duty to protect the assets of the Association and ensure that the objectives of the Association, as enshrined in ourConstitution, are upheld at all times.

2017 Office Bearers

Jason Wilmot
Jason Wilmot
Musa Shangase
Vice President
Musa Shangase
Wayne Albertyn
Junior Vice President
Wayne Albertyn
Tony Riley
Immediate Past President
Tony Riley
Mandla Danisa
Honourary Treasurer
Mandla Danisa
Mohau Mphomela
MBA North Executive Director
Mohau Mphomela

Executive Commitee Members

Gothic Construction
Wayne Albertyn
WBHO Construction
Deon Calitz
4Square Projects Group
Mandla Danisa
Ubuhlebethu Business Enterprise
Bongani Malaza
Damp King
Andrew MacFarlane
M2M Projects
Michael Moloto
Murray and Roberts
Fanie Stadler
HJ Wolfswinkel Paint
Hennie Wolfswinkel
Steel Studio
Rob Blackbeard
Pro-Plan Construction
Penny Cornelius
Kevin Bates Flooring & Carpeting
Ian Duncan
SA Paving
James Martin
Archstone Construction
Christian Micha
Tony Riley
Edelweiss Glass & Alluminium
Liana Van Der Walt
Bradley Boertjie
Tiber Construction
Jose Correia
W.F Kroon Projects
Werner Kroon
Constructive Consulting Group
Gretchen Matthews
SNS Plumbing & Projects
Sello Mokawane
Musa Shangase
Sir John Hire
Jason Wilmot

Meet the Team

MBA North Executive Director
Mohau Mphomela
PA to Executive Director
Michelle Taylor-Dawson
Construction, Health and Safety Manager
Gerhard Roets
Construction, Health and Safety Officer
Zenzele Mabuza
Construction, Health and Safety Officer
Calvin Mukwevho
Construction, Health and Safety Administrator
Kitu Mahibila
Construction, Health and Safety Officer
Manie Van AS
Construction Health & Safety Officer
Michelle Kok
Belinda Sauerman
Sheilla Mofokeng
Marketing and Business Development Manager
Boitumelo Thipe
Member Officer
Odirile Mametse
Member Sales
Ike Motsutsi
Education & Training Manager
Kwakho Mpepho
Legal & Contractual
Enwee Human

The MBA Timeline

National Federation for Building Trade Employers Building Trade Employers

Master Builders South Africa was founded as the National Federation for Building Trade Employers (NFBTE) in 1904. Over the past 108 years, MBSA has survived and flourished and still plays a meaningful role in today’s fast-track world. The Federation’s initial aims were to unite the contractors of the day to gain better bargaining power with government authorities and to negotiate with trade unions.

BIFSA born out of the NFBTE

The NFBTE itself faced change and there was a growing sense among members of the national organisation that its name was no longer representative of the building industry it now represented. Moreover, the name was cumbersome and did not clearly identify it as a Federation for builders. Much to the chagrin of some of the longest-serving members of the Federation, the 1967 Congress agreed – after a full year of deliberation – to change the name of the National Federation of Building Trades Employers to the Building Industries Federation (South Africa) and BIFSA was born.

Master Builders South Africa

When BIFSA celebrated its centenary at a gala dinner held at the International Convention Centre in Durban on 23 March 2004, 100 years to the day that the NFBTE was formed, it was a radically changed organisation not just in name but in structure as well. Master Builders South Africa was the new name for the organisation, chosen because it clearly reflected the fact that it was a national representative body for all Master Builders Associations around the country.

Our Members