COVID-19 Update: Workplace Readiness Plan

    As your association we want to prepare you in advance and ensure that you are ready to return to work once the announcement is made for Lockdown to operate on Level 3. We would like you to be able to start immediately without experiencing the rush and delays that can come with the compliance to legislation required to reopen your sites.

    NB: We are aware that majority of our members will fall under Level 3 and 2. As a member operating within all lockdown levels, you are required to prepare- by producing and implementing a Workplace Readiness Plan. You are also required to apply for a certificate with the Companies & Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition has confirmed that employers who can operate under Lockdown levels must request a certificate from the CIPC. You will be informed if these requirements change.

    1. Creating a Workplace Readiness Plan:

    Initial COVID-19 Workplace Readiness Plan –

    The process for creating and implementing a workplace readiness plan is entailed in the attached document: Practice Note-Workplace Readiness.

    Please go through the full requirements of the plan to ensure that you are fully compliant and ready to open for business.

    *PAY Special Attention to Section 5 in the plan*

    This Plan includes applying for permits for your staff members to perform essential services and applying for a certificate with the CIPC outlined below.

    2. Applying for a CIPC Certificate to operate during Lockdown

    This certificate can be obtained online via the Biz Portal Site:

    CIPC only control companies and closed corporations.

    False declaration by the company is a criminal offence and will result in prosecution. This certificate may be revoked if there are changes to the regulations or to improve implementation of the lockdown.

    Please use the following enterprise number format when requesting a new certificate.

    If you are a company registered:

    BEFORE 1 May 2011: M2010123456

    AFTER 1 May 2011: K2014123456

    If you are a:

    Close Corporation: B2011123456
    Cooperative: C2018133556

    Please note further that employers who have a certificate for 16 to 30 April 2020, do not need to reapply. Despite this, some employers have experienced difficulties with the old certificates not being accepted.

    Therefore, it may be prudent to acquire an updated certificate.

    3. MBA North Construction Health & Safety (CHS) Team back at work

    We are happy to report that the MBA North CHS team is fully operational and back in the office as of Monday, 11 May to assist you with:

    Your COVID-19 compliant Health & Safety Files, advise and implementation.

    Cost of the COVID-19 Safety Files: R2,120 Ex VAT (Members) / R3,180 Ex VAT (Non-members)

    Please contact :   for COVID-19 Safety Files

    CHS Team available –  Contact details below:


    Gerhard Roets

    Zenzele Mabuza

    Manie Van As

    Mbuya Ramabulane

    Duncan Ebersohn


    CHS Manager

    CHS Safety Officer

    CHS Safety Officer

    CHS Safety Officer

    CHS Safety Officer

    Contact Number

    082 825 1179

    063 689 9590