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Mafia’ interuptions adds to construction industry woes

Alleged extortion of SA’s cash-strapped construction companies by organised groupings claiming to represent local communities at project sites could keep the struggling industry in the doldrums. The spread of disruptions at construction sites eats into already thin profit margins because of the decline in new building projects over the past decade. Since the beginning of
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Business rescue: construction companies must navigate with care

Business rescue is intended to provide a way for companies in financial trouble to return to profitable trading, thus saving jobs, preserving wealth and giving creditors a better return. But there are good reasons for arguing that it presents particular challenges for construction companies, says Brad Boertje, a construction risk management consultant and adjudicator on
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Course To Help Contractors Price For Profit

One of the biggest challenges the industry faces is that too many contractors do not have the skills for sound financial control and planning, thus rendering them less then resilient in the long run. The Master Builders Association(MBA North) has developed a two-day course aimed at providing al members of the construction industry with the
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