Legal Aspects “Foreign Nationals” Breakfast Seminar

    Will be presented by Master Builders Association North in partnership with the Department of Labour, Department of Home Affairs, Department of Trade & Industry FEM and SARS. How to be compliant and what to look out for when employing foreign nationals.

    Department of Labour – Inspection and Enforcement Services; Occupational Health & Safety

    Chief Inspector General: Mr. Tibor Szana

    • Basic Conditions of Employment
    • Compensation and UIF
    • Sectoral Determination
    • Provisions of the Construction Regulation

    The Department of Labour

    Chief Director for Public Employment Services: Mrs. Esther Tloane

    • Inspections, Penalties Incurred, Site Raids & Injuries

    Department of Home Affairs 

    Immigration Services Director: Mr. Phindiwe Mbhele

    • The Visa Contravention Act
    • Work Visa Application Process
    • Visa Renewal process
    • Obligations placed on the Employer and Employee offoreign nationals

    Department of Trade and Industry

    Investment SA Services Director: Mr. Dean Hoff

    • Infrastructure and Exporting of Skills (the infrastructure aspect and support for SA companies wishing to export their services

    The Federated Employer’s Mutual Assurance Company (FEM)

    Marketing and Communications Manager: Mr. Herman Enoch

    • ‘Employee challenges on site – A COIDA perspective’

    South African Receiver of Revenue Services (SARS)

    Educators: Ms. Hazel Polokoto & Mr. David Makin

    • Formalising remuneration of all employees,Educating Employee and Employer on their tax obligations, Tax Compliance for Employer and Employee.